Welcome! This is a blog that will document my journey through AP Biology! I will be posting my observations, investigations, and projects about Biology! Enjoy:)





11 thoughts on “Home

  1. My dear child, you are going places, not only in your journey through AP bio, but in your journey through life. Great blog! Congratulations

  2. Grace!!! As hard as AP Bio is, you have done some really neat stuff! LOVE your Save the Bay Field Trip! I think I would have loved science way more if we had gotten to go on field trips like that!!!

  3. AP Biology looks and sounds very challenging; great job at working hard and keeping up with all of the work! You’re blog really shows HOW MUCH work was done in this class. Goodluck in college bio, I bet you will ace the class! 😉 If I ever need help in college, now I know who to call ❤

  4. Hey Grace, I love the blog. Its so interesting to look at your Prezi from the beginning of the year and to see how the course has turned out. I love the layout on your blog too. Keep up the good work 🙂

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