Advice for New Students!!

I have learned a lot this year about Biology, my study habits, and myself. I wanted to share with you some tips that I learned that may be helpful!


CNN Health: You Don’t Yawn Because You Are Tired

Every time we see someone yawn or even think about yawning, we just can’t help but yawn too. In fact, I am yawning as I am typing this sentence! I always thought that we yawned solely because others were yawning–a mimicking reaction. However, an article featured in CNN Health, reports that scientists at the University of Vienna found that the only strong predictor of yawning was…Temperature of the Brain!! Studies showed that people are more likely to yawn when the temperature of the brain is too hot. When one’s brain temperature is too hot, studies show that yawning helps to immediately decrease brain temperature. Other factors, such as age, humidity, and hours of sleep the night before, do not have signifiant effects on one’s likeliness to yawn.



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KQED: Should Water be a Commodity or a Right?

In science classes, we learn that water is the source of all life. Without water, people become dehydrated and other serious health problems follow. People cannot live without water. However, the amount of water sources that are drying up around the world are growing, which serves as a problem.This problem has brought up questions of whether the price of water should rise, giving people an incentive to conserve water. This would only give the wealthy an advantage over the poor.i-heart-water

I strongly believe that clean and filtered water should be available to everyone, regardless of class, race, where they are from, etc. Because water is essential to all life, people everywhere have a born right to have access to clean water. No law nor price increase should limit others from the one thing they need to survive. People should view water as a right, certainly not a commodity. However, with that said, I feel that it is important to be conscious of the fact that we do not have unlimited access to clean water. We should conserve water, not because a price increase forces us to do so, but because it is the right thing to do and is what needs to be done to allow others to have access to water as well.

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