KQED: Nature vs. Nurture

Scientists have identified that nature and nurture can influence a person and who they will become. Nature refers to your innate qualities and genetics and nurture refers to your personal experience and environment. The question is, which factor is more/less dominant? Scientists have already found that in fruit flies, a male’s aggressiveness can be controlled due to  tweaking  a gene on a neuron (can make fruit fly more aggressive or less aggressive). This leads me to believe that aggressiveness and other behaviors ARE controlled by genes. Therefore, a lot of human behavior is also controlled by genes, but may also be aggravated/soothed depending on a person’s experience and environment.


Learning about the effect of genes on a person’s behavior, I am concerned about people abusing this information. i.e. If someone commits a crime, they may easily be able to blame their actions on their genes–something that is out of there control. Therefore, they may be seen as innocent (or a helpless, aggressive person), instead of receiving a punishment that would be given, without this genetic information.

This information would surely change the courtroom and the way people are seen in society.


For more information about Nature Vs. Nurture:  http://blogs.kqed.org/education/2014/03/05/how-much-is-behavior-based-on-nature-versus-nurture/