Inspiring Young Girl Advocates for Equal Opportunities in Education in Pakistan #DoNowMalala

Last year, Malala made headlines as she was shot in the head and the neck by the Taliban for advocating  girls’ education in Pakistan. Since she has healed, she has taken the chance to educate the world on the discrimination that girls face in the education system in Pakistan, and why girls’ education in general, is crucial to the health of a society.

From the article, I have learned the importance of girls’ education to society. Girls, who are educated, can increase a family’s income by 20% each year. Education also decreases child marriage and birth rates. All of these reasons can positively impact girls’ lives and leave a lasting affect on them.


Coming from someone who has gone to private school my whole life and who currently attends an all girls high school, I believe strongly in education for young women. Not only does education personally and emotionally effect girls by giving them a sense of self-confidence and self-achievment, but also benefits them and society economically. By educating women, women are able to get jobs and to provide for their families–potentially lowering poverty rates by increasing a family’s income. However, in societies that were once or are currently based in traditions that look down upon women, the task of women’s rights for education is difficult. This is the reason of why Malala’s promotion of equal education opportunities is essential in challenging society’s values and making a change.


I feel as though myself and other high school students, do not fully appreciate or completely understand the importance of the education we are receiving. Reading about Malala’s story and her stories of discrimination, I have come to realize that education is essential for the human spirit and EVERYONE, not just women, but also men, has the right to eduction and is something no one should ever take for granted.

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6 thoughts on “Inspiring Young Girl Advocates for Equal Opportunities in Education in Pakistan #DoNowMalala

  1. Grace, great job on the organization of this post and your entire blog. I like the colors you chose to use and your format and layout, it is visually appealing and lets readers in. I like that you included pictures from your lab notebook at the bottom of your chromatography post. The post about Malala, above, is inspiring and well presented. You start off with a clear explanation, then go on to state your opinion, making the post easy to understand and fun to read:). Really interesting, I’ll keep coming by to look for (and copy) some of your great ideas!

  2. What a fantastic reflection on such an inspiring young girl! The pictures really enhance the quality of your post.

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